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Understanding What It Means to Fear God

“To fear God is to express loyalty to Him and faithfulness to His covenant.” via the Faithlife Study Bible Android app.


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What are you waiting for?

Have you ever had the feeling that you should do something but for whatever reason you couldn’t manage to get it done? This is how it has been for me with the vision God has given me for Empowerment Unabridged. I have been thinking, planning, writing, praying, reading, studying and etc. but I have still felt hesitant in starting to build on it.
What is Empowerment Unabridged you ask?
This vision God laid out to me for an organization for me to build. I don’t know yet whether it will be a non-profit or a for-profit organization. The idea is to Empower people to create a life worth living through service, love, and giving.

The name came from me having the desire to empower people meaning show them that they have the power inside of them to live the lives they were created to live. The Unabridged part is in there as the Dove name given to me from Alpha Nu Omega Sorority, Inc. in short meaning “It’s All in Me”. I want other people to know and see that they have everything they need inside of them to succeed. We do not have to live in lack. We can have everything we ever dreamed of and more. There is nothing wrong with being wealthy or success it’s what you do with that wealth and success. It’s where in your priorities your wealth and success lies.

Mission Statement:
To help people break free from mediocrity and walk in the uniqueness created in them by: 
*Magnifying and focusing on the concept of unity
*Providing resources for people to discover and refine their gifts and talents in order to walk in their purposes
*Providing a place for people to be healed mentally, spiritually, and physically
*Increasing service and giving around the world
*Creating leaders of all kinds
*Broadening the ideology of education and learning
*Teaching people to have their money work for them instead of working for their money

God laid on my heart to begin with a #shareaprayerchallenge as an introduction of Empowerment Unabridged to the world. From there my life has been changing. I pray thanking Him each time because I am praying in faith and believing that what I pray for is already done. This is not necessarily the right way to pray it is just how I have grown to pray recently. I want people to know that there is someone out there that cares for them and wants the best for them. Through prayer I am showing that.

This is really only in the beginning stages I am not sure where God has for me to take it next but I am learning to take things moment by moment and trust His plan. So stay tuned!

Please participate in the #shareaprayerchallenge !!!

The idea of the challenge is to pray for others in writing and/or through video. You can share a prayer someone else posted or share your own. Then challenge your friends and family to do the same. We will have people praying for each other all over the world! Instead of focusing on the problems and the negativity going on in the world we will be focusing on the solution speaking positivity into the atmosphere and believing that it is already done. Taking action by trusting the one that has already solved the problems that seem to keep us so distracted.

That in a nutshell is Empowerment Unabridged! More to come…

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Escape the Rat Race

This just really gave me the boost I needed. I chose to reblog it so that I can share it with others and keep coming back to read it when I need it. This is something we can read daily and it will change our lives!

Rich Dad Education - Real Estate Blog

Rat Race

10 Things I Am Going to Do Today to Escape the Rat Race

Written by You

Today is going to be exceptional. I have wasted too many of my days on this earth not maximizing my potential, nor pursuing my dreams to the fullest. I want to desperately escape the Rat Race but far too often I have not acted as if that was truly a priority in my life. That will not be the case today. At the end of today I am going to grant myself a moment to look in the mirror and commend myself for a job well done. This day is going to be different and here are the things I am going to do today to make it so.

Today I will treat every human being I encounter with respect, dignity, andkindness. Too often in the past I have burnt bridges and failed…

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