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Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

If only he could see what I see when I see him
Is it love that had me blind to the real him
If God looks at the heart
Who am I to judge him by a false start
If only he could see what I see when I look into his eyes
Past the pain, the negative labels placed on the line with his name
Past the lies of the enemy, the guilt, fear and shame
I see a king, a sinner saved by grace, a man with the ability to rise above the stigma regardless of his style,  tattoos,  hairstyle, or his race
If God looks at the heart
Who am I to say where he won’t go because of where he’s been
Life has beaten him down so much that that’s where even he feels he belongs
Forgiveness doesn’t register because of people magnifying his wrongs
If only he could hear what I hear when he speaks
The power to move mountains, crack the sky, heal the sick, and raise the dead
But life and society has shown him that he’s inferior instead
If everyone were colored blind would a history of slavery even matter?
Would it even exist?
We must free our minds from the color lines and love everyone as if we were color blind
One day we’ll all be leveled when He comes back and every knee is bowed and eyes are closed because his glory will be too much for our eyes to behold
If only he could see what I see through my real eyes that realize real lies….


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A Blessing and a Lesson

I was in love but he was just in the moment
I’m heartbroken because I was hard headed and didn’t listen to what mama told me
All I really wanted was someone to love and to hold me
Give me attention so I could free my mind of worrying
I knew he was being selfish but so was I
Trying to force him to be something I knew he wasn’t deep inside
I chose to close my eyes to The Truth and live in a lie
Now I’m back to the drawing board
Back to where I should have stayed in Your presence Lord
I stepped away to please my flesh because this spiritual connection with my Creator wasn’t enough
The path I was on seemed to be just right
Getting back to You won’t be that rough
The entire time I ran from you into another mans arms
You stood there calling me arms open wide waiting once again to hold me tight
To me if I loved him enough eventually he would grow to love me
I had to be chin checked in order for me to see the reality
I still took the detour even though the sign said dead end
I took advantage of a situation instead of just being a friend
After all this time we’ve never ended on a bad page
But I guess this is the conclusion of our story
I fell in love with him from a young age
I had the opportunity to love him with my all and for that I give You glory
There is a lesson to be learned so I’m not salty
You continue to show me that no matter how smart I think I am compared to You my logic is faulty
This pain is only temporary and not much of anything compared to the pain You felt when You died for me
You did all of that for me to show me I would never be alone that no matter who walked away from me You would replace them 100 fold
A lesson to be learned I don’t regret it but I’ll surely never forget it
I walked away from the ones who loved me for the one I loved who clearly didn’t love me
Hurt people hurt people so I’m asking You to heal him so that the next one won’t have to feel this
This may or may not be the completion of our journey but I pray and thank You for giving me another day
I won’t make empty promises but in this moment You have my full attention
My sins are gone, forgotten, and forgiven to no longer be mentioned
Thank You in advance for what You have in store for us
Help us get closer to You than we’ve ever been
Help us not to regret anything even the blatant sin
I think if I got the chance to redo it I would do it all over again
I got the chance to love him as more than just a friend
To show him he’s a king and that he deserves more
That although he may not know how to love me or himself
You are there all the time and You love us more than life itself


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